List of NOT-TO-DO in Chicago

If you want to have a nice trip in Chicago, aside from knowing where to go, places to visit, restaurants to have your meals, and foods to eat, you should also educate yourself with the list of NOT-TO-DO in Chicago so that you can rest assured that your trip will start and end smoothly. Here is the list of things that you should not do while you are staying in Chicago:

Do not book a flight in O’Hare

If you do not want to delay your flight, then avoid O’Hare. Remember the scene from the movie Home Alone? Yes, there is a big tendency that you will be late for your flight, and they do not have a good on-time record in the country. You can opt for the Midway International Airport instead to make sure that your flight will run through smoothly and to avoid wasting your time as well.

Avoid waiting in line for the Willis Tower Skydeck

Sure enough, the Willis Tower had been listed in your itinerary for your trip in Chicago, but you know better than not to wait in the long line waiting for you because it is one of the biggest attractions in the city and the longest line you could ever wait in that you should avoid at all cost. You don’t want to waste your time waiting in line when you could just roam around other tourist attractions. You could also buy the Fast Pass Ticket if you wanted to visit the tourist destination without waiting anymore.

Only visit during good season

As much as possible, do not visit Chicago when it’s cold, or you will never be able to enjoy your trip. Make sure that your trip is scheduled between May and September because there are lots of music festivals that you can attend, and the country itself is so lively. You will not be able to appreciate most of the views because of the snow and the coldness while roaming around.

Try different local foods

Make sure that you do not limit yourself to deep-dish pizza only. Sure, it is one of the most popular in Chicago but they have a lot more to offer, and these options are often neglected despite their awesome tastes. There are lots of restaurants that offer traditional cuisine, so opt for it if you want to enjoy the genuine Chicago cuisine during your trip. Also, make sure that you have already booked your restaurant in advance if you don’t like waiting.

Explore the place thoroughly

Most people when they heard the word Chicago all they could ever think about is the night life, downtown, bars, and parties. However, if you want to enjoy your trip then do not ever limit yourself roaming just in the downtown. Chicago has lots to offer; you can explore their Little Italy, Pilsen or the Chinatown perhaps. If you want a place where you could be at peace and away from deafening electronic music, then make sure that you search for natural tourist destinations in Chicago.

Visit museums

Chicago has one of the most astonishing museums that you could ever visit, such as the Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Arts and Museum of Science and Industry. There’s a lot of things that you could explore,
and you’ll be amazed at what is inside the grand museums. If you are with a tourist guide, don’t forget to mention that he bring you to one of the museums above to make the most out of your trip.